Carco Airlines

In 1947 William (Bill) Cutter and Clark Carr dissolved their partnership, Cutter continued operations at West Mesa and moved to the Albuquerque Municipal Airport to start his new operations. Carr soon formed Carco Air Service to provide passenger and cargo transportation for the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) - some referred to the air service as the "Atomic Airline". The air service had daily round-trip flights between Albuquerque and Los Alamos (known as "The Hill") which mainly used Beechcraft Bonanzas to carry passengers and light cargo. The Los Alamos airport was on the top of one of the mesas and was a very tricky field. The landings and take-offs posed quite a challenge for pilots to master with the strong cross-winds along with the high altitude performance envelope of the aircraft. Besides "The Hill", Carco flew many flights to various AEC facilities around the nation. In 1952, Carco carried 17,742 passengers, a total of 1,743,330 passenger miles, transported 52,745 pounds of mail, 217,455 pounds of baggage, and 128,609 pounds of freight. During this time Carco employed only 34 persons and had a payroll of $15,000 per month.

Carco performed most of the maintenance activities on their aircraft (expect for major engine overhauls) and would store them in the Carco Hangar when not in use.

Clark Carr was one of the most important pioneers to Albuquerque's aviation history. A long time Albuquerque resident (born at St. Joseph Hospital March 24, 1906), he started flying in 1927 and was one of the earliest pilots to fly out of the Oxnard Albuquerque Airport in the 30's. He was a Captain in the Army Air Corp and trained pilots in WWII. After his continued success and partnership with William Cutter in the 30's and Carco Air Services in the 40's, Carr finally decidedto retire in 1969 and sell his operation to Ross Aviation (they continued on the nickname "Atomic Airline" for the government). Clark Carr died in June 1986, at age 80.

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